The Bologna/Modena Food Tour and Gourmet Experience

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Are you a food enthusiast? If yes, then you should plan to go to Bologna, Italy for your next holiday. It is the food capital of Italy. The region’s tourism industry is based around visits to a parmesan cheese factory, a balsamic vinegar factory and a parma ham factory. Each of these tours is unique and tourists can understand a little about why these 3 items are so vital in Italian culture. Let’s have a brief look at what you will get in these 3 Bologna tourist spots.

The production area of the parmesan cheese

1. Parmesan cheese factory

The cheese is called the Parmigiano Reggiano. It has been made in Italy for the last 1,200 years. What makes it so special is all the expertise that goes into maturing it. Milk is obtained from farmers around the area; it is all pure and it has no additives at all. The cheese is matured for a minimum of 12 months. The cheese maker’s skills have been handed down from generation to generation.

A typical tour starts with a visit to the factory usually between 7.30 and 8.30 in the morning. There are several manufacturers in the town that tourists can visit. You will be able to see everything – how milk is delivered, how it is stored, how the cheese maker turns it into cheese and you will even be taught how to differentiate real parmesan cheese from the fake stuff. During the tour, you will be allowed to sample the cheese and even some very unique wine from the region.

2. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar fermenting houses

Italian Balsamic vinegar is also called “black gold”. Because it is so ancient, its origins are not very well known. Some stories say that it was discovered purely by chance. It is made of cooked grapes that are unique only to this region. It takes a minimum of 12 years to mature and you will find some that is as old as 25 years. Mind you, it isn’t the kind of balsamic vinegar that you buy in the supermarket; it is thick and delicious and just a drizzle of it will turn food delicious. Just 100ml of it can cost up to $100. Most tours include tastings so prepare to be delighted.

3. Parma ham factory

Legally, parma ham can only come from this region of Italy. The pigs that are used to make it are bred only in the northern and central regions of Italy. It is made of only 2 ingredients; pork and salt. What transforms it into a unique ham is air and time. The pork is cleaned and salted and then left to stand for 2 months during which time it is slowly and carefully pressed to drain blood. All this is done in cold rooms because parma ham needs to be made in a cold environment.

Tours will usually include a lunch where you get to sample all the delicacies of Bologna, food capital of Italy. Some tours will include this lunch in the fees and others won’t so be sure to confirm. The ham is also available for purchase.

Taking this trip from Verona.

Ideally you want to stay in Modena which is only just over an hour from Verona. Modena makes the ideal day trip destination and allow you to visit all 3 products in one day for more information you can search Emilia Delizia food tours on the internet.

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