Explore the wine and food of Verona

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Verona, in northern Italy, is an excellent place to visit. Not only is there so much to see in and around the city, the food and the wine are famous for attracting visitors. Wherever you go, whether it’s up the hills in Valpolicella and Prealps or whether you spend a day relaxing at Lake Garda, you should expected to be surprised by the culinary expertise in this wonderful Italian city. Whatever you do, you must take a food tour of Verona.

Verona is home to 3 unique gourmet food items: Amarone wine DOCG, extra virgin olive oil Garda DOP and Monte Veronese cheese DOP. These 3 have continued to excite tourists for years, so let’s find out what makes them so special.

Verona, Italy

Verona is special: food, olive oil and cheese – source

 Amarone wine DOCG

This special wine received DOCG recognition in 2009. It is an extremely robust red wine which has a very unique taste – it is both bitter and fruity at the same time. It is made by blending 3 special varieties of grapes: Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. It is the Corvina variety that is responsible for the bitter taste.

There is a good reason why the Amarone is found only here in Italy; the specific trees that produce the grapes only do well here where the soils are deep; it allows the roots to go very deep which produces the exact type of grapes necessary to make the Amarone. If you take a food tour of Verona, you must get a few bottles of this excellent wine to take back home with you; your dinner guests will love it. Don’t pass up a chance to take a wine tour around Lake Garda.

The Olive oil of Lake Garda DOP

Towns around Lake Garda provide an excellent opportunity for you to sample Italian olive oil on your food tour of Verona. Verona’s history with olive oil goes back a long time, as far back as the Romans so you can expect that you will taste the real culture of Italy. The towns are home to olive oil grooves and mills producing the best of Italian olive oil that is eventually exported.

The gourmet Monte Veronese cheese DOP

End your Verona food tour by visiting Lessinia, home to some of the world’s top cheeses. The natives in these parts have stuck to the old ways of making cheese – they shake the milk vigorously themselves to extract 3 different kinds of excellent cheese.

Verona is a treat to the culinary senses so schedule it in during your next visit to Italy.

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